We really ARE the Change

Attention: Do Not Wait on the World to Change.  We ARE the Change.

As much as the following statement sucks, it’s the Truth: What we are seeing “out there” is our own collective reflection.  I know!   It’s way beyond time we let go of old negative ways of being. We need to cut our shit out already!

Here’s the good news: We are capable of projecting a much better picture.

Since “Life” (Divine Creative Power) IS the power we’re working with here – our reflection has the potential to be absolutely Divine…in an instant!  Be Still People…and Know: We are living the Divine Creative Power of Life itself.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and contemplate that fact for a moment.

For God’s sake (literally) we have got to start projecting our Divine Nature out into this Life ((before)) all the dumb shits completely destroy the place. If I had a big ass bell I would be “sounding the alarm” in hope that humanity as a whole would wake up!  We have got to become conscious of our own power before it’s too late.  Too dramatic?  It might should that way but it’s not…according to “Source”.

I know. I “sense” what many other people don’t or won’t, but I swear if you just quiet down and sit still you will start to feel Truth too.  Because We are One…united by the energy/power of Life itself.

Source give me the feeling we are at a tipping point and it could go either way.  Feels urgent too.  So much so that I have chosen to align and surrender my power in service to assist.

Alright, that’s it for now.  I may be back with more words sooner than later – The Divine is loud and clear tonight.  Maybe it’s the moon…who knows.

Message relayed.


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