To all the Dreamers

Very important for all the dreamers, creators, and entrepreneurs out there:  You might not know all the answers to everyone’s questions about what you’re doing or creating…and that’s okay.

Relax in knowing: “Not knowing” is actually an excellent position to be in because it forces you to dig in deep and “feel” your way.  When you feel your way, you invoke your internal power…your Life force, your God force:  The Divine Creative Power of Life itself.

So from my heart to yours:  Congrats Dreamers!  You are in your most powerful position.  Just tell them:  “I’m still figuring it all out.  I will let you know, when I know…if you’d like?”

Dig in and keep moving in the direction of: The Most Divine Life experience you can Imagine.  This is Dreaming at the Divine Level.  Something each and every one of us should have scheduled into our daily life as a mandatory: “Sit in Silence” and ask yourself the question.  “What is the Most Divine Life experience I can imagine?

Take the time to be quiet and listen so that all the details of your own Divine Dream can become clear to you.  This is what we all came here to do…right?  To Live the Dream.  Truth is we’ve been living the dream all along. We’ve just been unconscious of how life works, especially how incredibly powerful our thoughts are and that we truly do have the power to change it all up for the better.  We are the dreamers that shall create a more loving peaceful future for all.  Sitting in Silence helps to remain focused. Hang in there Divine BadAss Beings!

Divine Love,


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