Every now and then I, consciously, protest.

As ridiculous as this may sound, I protest by intentionally not to listening to the Divine Guidance I receive from time to time.  This never ever goes well…  Here is an example:

Yesterday: I did not take my “one moment of silence” before beginning my day…like I always do these days.  I consciously decided not to take notes all day like the crazy girl writer for Life that I seem to have become.  I shifted firmly into my feisty mode, thinking nobody knows nor cares about how Life works anyway.  People are lazy and lame and irritate the crap out of me…and so I began my day:

On my way to work, I did not see any of the Divine signs/symbols that have become such a big beautiful, magical part of my living experience.  I did my best at work but found myself discussing how lazy and lame people seem to be.  I ended up having to work later than expected, got home and promptly got completely annoyed that there were dishes in the sink and on the counter that I specifically asked my awesome adult children to put away.  I complained about this to my bad-ass husband, which instantly pulled us both down into a low level funk.

Somehow he was able to kept his focus on the bright side which ever so slowly assisted in pulling my attention back to the light.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about…keep moving.  Those that need to hear and feel this will, of this I am assured of by the Divine Intelligence flowing through this Life force of mine.

Point being:  Living is so much better when you intentionally connect to and listen to the Divine Guidance that Life itself is continually providing.  It’s just much too easy to get caught up in stupid irrelevant crap when you don’t!

Needless to say, Today I am back to listening.  LOL  I’ve decided to give up…surrender to it…once again.

Posting this because when I hit save on this little flow of insight I noticed the time:  11:11 – coincidence?  I think not…This IS Divine Guidance…letting you know you are onto something, pay attention, keep going, we are assisting you. – Guides and Angels Divine

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