God Already Knows

“God already knows” are the words that woke me.  Many “think” that God doesn’t know. Some “think” they must go to church or to confession when the Truth is God…already knows. God is closer than you “think”.  
You “think” that God is something outside of you but the Truth is You and God are not separate from one another at all. You and God are One. All separation is an illusion created by an error in thinking…within the human mind.

The notion you could ever be abandoned by God is not and could never be Truth. There is never a moment when you don’t have direct contact with God…because God is continually flowing through you. Your LIFE force is the God force.

In other words: That life energy providing you with the power to Live Life IS God. Truth is you are taking God along for the ride. God is always right there with you and these Angels of mine are relaying the message that God Knows and we are already forgiven. We need only forgive ourselves. – Voices Divine via amgslife


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