Divine Guidance – A Day in the Life

Have you ever thought to yourself “how did I ever get so lucky to get to work here?” as you’re walking into work in the morning?  Today, I am deeply grateful to feel this lucky and what I’m about to share is why:

Don’t get me wrong.  I love my day job, but for a while now, I have been feeling like I’m not doing what I’m meant to do.  I have all this guidance coming in and all these awesome ideas with no time to do anything with them because I work full time.  This can be extremely challenging for me because I am well aware of whom I “really” work for and that is the Divine.  I do my best to help people as they reach out to me and I take notes all day (on the down low) so I don’t miss the Divine messages that seem to be flowing in at a faster more consistent rate these days.   

The majority of the time, I am deeply grateful and inspired but every now and then I just feel tired.  This was me yesterday:  I didn’t feel like showing up to work but I did.  I went through the motions, I did the best I could.  I took my notes, took pics of the guidance I receive to document to myself that I am in fact still a sane person.  By the time I got home, I was feeling like a hungry tired grump.  I changed out of my work clothes, picked up my notebook and pen and went out to my office to try to write it out of my system. 

All I could do was just sit there – looking straight ahead with nothing flowing through my mind to write at all.  I didn’t even really understand why the heck I was feeling like this.  This is when my sweet boy Yogi-Slug (coolest dog I’ve ever known) squeezes his way into a tight space in front of me and looks out in the direction I was looking…then he turns and looks me in the eye as if to say “snap out of it!” This dog…and this type of moment is what reminds me that we are all here to help each other.  It’s just so easy to get into a funk on this planet! 

I then silently asked these guides and angels that whisper in my ear all day long to help me.  Help me release whatever it is that is hanging over me, preventing me from enjoying my moments.  I mean seriously…I LOVE my LIFE.  I just want to enjoy living for the rest of my life. 

Thinking: What the heck is wrong with me?  I get up and walk over to the big white swing we have in the back yard when I notice a succulent showing off a beautiful bloom.  I pull out my phone to do a photo shoot of this beauty when I hear my husband say a smart remark.  I don’t even think I responded.  I just heard him say “What’s the matter? Do you need a Snickers?” I laugh (he knows me so well) he gives me a hug, lets go and goes back to what he was doing…weeding the planters.  (My husband is The Succulent Whisperer)

I take a deep dramatic breath, look up and see a humming bird.  “Good sign”, I think to myself.  Then I ask, yet again for confirmation, “are these really signs and messages or am I just getting crazier and crazier the older I get?”  Then all of a sudden something flutters at the back of my neck!  I of course freak out!   Start yelling and jump around, shaking my head!  My husband asks what happened?!  I said “something just fluttered at the back of my neck” it scared me!!  “Oh my God, what was that?!  Maybe it was a beetle or something!”  

Laughing, I walk back to sit in my office (My Sacred Space – Side Yard) I close my eyes and intentionally called in my guides and angels and asked “Are you here? Are these signs real?”  I sat there in silence for maybe a moment when I heard that same fluttering sound behind me…not as close this time.  I turn and look up and it was a beautiful humming bird staring down at me.  I was then filled with the knowing that It was a humming bird that was at my neck a few moments ago. 

I immediately looked up hummingbird in my reference book and it said: Call upon the hummingbird when you’re feeling down and sullen and want to lighten up, have more fun, and experience more joy.  There was more, but this little passage hit me as interesting and funny…because yesterday morning the guidance I received was all about setting our intention and I actually decided what mine shall be going forward:

My intention is to live this life in the most excellent and beautiful manner I am capable of at every given moment.  I just want to enjoy living for the rest of my life.  My deepest hope is to become a master at it.  That’s it.  That’s my plan.  It feels lose and free and full of potential.  It feels so good that I know it’s right. 

I woke up this morning and my first thought was “I am awake to experience another day.  Thank you.”  I sat up, took my usual moment of sitting in silence.  I then checked the time and thought, “shoot – I don’t have time to pick my angel card of the day.  I don’t want to be late for work (again)”.   I go to step out of bed and there is one angel card on the floor where I am about to step!  Tears immediately fill my eyes and my heart literally expands because that is what Divine Guidance does.  It hits you at the deepest levels of your being to let you know that you are loved, supported and guided every moment of living this thing called Life.  This Truth is so beautiful to me…I just had to blog about it. 

Today, I am happy to report that I got to work this morning and as I was walking toward the building this thought popped into my mind: “how did I ever get so lucky to get to work here?”  Tears filled my eyes and my heart expanded…and I know:  I AM exactly where I need to be….for now…and I am deeply grateful.  

Enjoy this day darlings…for it will never come again.



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