Jesus Christ

Word to the Wise: Declaring Jesus Christ as your savior, going to church, and/or having the ability to memorize and quote sacred scripture doesn’t make you better than any other living human being.

Not only that…but those that are true followers of Jesus and “have a personal relationship with him” promote, support, and embody, Peace and Love for all of God’s children aka humanity as a whole.

They do not judge others and they certainly do not promote or support anything or anyone fueled by fear. Therefore bringing fear and hate into the minds and hearts of our brothers and sisters.  This is Truth.

Don’t be fooled by those claiming to be Christians and allow their crazy talk to influence your way of being while living this precious gift of Life.

Pay attention: If what they say does not assist/serve you in feeling Peace and Love within your human body…they are not aligned with Jesus Christ Period.

If this offends you – you are a fake Christian.

I state this with the deepest respect for Jesus and all that he said and did to try to help (humanity) us.  And…I am deeply grateful for the guidance that he is still provides us with from the Divine energetic realm.


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