We all need to focus on Peace.

Focusing on Peace is something that each and every one of us needs to do as Members of this Human Race.  This is how we create a Peaceful future.

Too many of us are getting caught up listening to outside noise which unfortunately is very loud and currently promoting lots of fear and hate.  It hits us hard and we feel it deep…because it goes against our very nature. This deep feeling is a wake-up call from within.  We must stop listening to the outside noise and start listening to the silence within.

Please people…pay attention.  Listen up:

When we spend our energy in fear based thinking, then spend our time talking about it, what we are doing (without actually realizing it) is spreading it…therefore contributing to more of it!

Please take responsibility for what you are contributing to!  Do not use your power in this manner.  Do not allow fear to influence your way of being.  It serves no one and everybody ends up suffering.

We need to stop allowing ourselves to be drawn into fear. We need to STOP this immediately.  All it does is result in living a fear based dysfunctional life.  We do not want this!  We want Peace…right?

Now, If we want Peace, we must promote Peace.  We must contribute to it.  We must flood this life we are living with Peace…Quickly and Consistently.  We must think, speak, listen to, share peaceful content, and most importantly behave in a peaceful manner.

When someone starts talking about terror this or that…STOP take a breath and realize you are perfectly fine where you stand.  Be grateful for that.  Make the conscious decision not to allow their fear to enter your realm and the realm of those you love.  Speak up.  These loud mouths have been talking and poisoning humanity for far too long.

If you can’t speak up – then respond with “I am grateful that I am at Peace and that I contribute to Peace” then ask them – how they are contributing to Peace.  Maybe it will help move their focus to Peace too! It’s worth a try!

That’s my 2 cents…

Today I pray that we flood this life we are living in Peace.

May fear and hate drown in it.


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