One’s Inner Voice Vs Mind Chatter

It suddenly hit me yesterday, while discussing the benefits of sitting in silence with someone, that most people don’t know the difference between mind chatter and one’s inner voice!  Some do but most don’t and this is a must know people!

It would be absolutely tragic (maybe that’s a little dramatic lol) to go one’s entire lifetime without truly hearing it!  Because…OMG…my darlings, your inner voice is your inner knowing.  It is your very own internal navigation system, pre-programmed to lead you beautifully through life. It is – straight-up – Divine Intelligence and…it will deliver you home to peace, love, light, and all things wonderful.  Your inner voice is your sacred connection to Divinity itself.  It’s your direct phone line to God! #NoJoke!!

Realizing this yesterday made it very clear to me that I must listen and write about this topic.  The more of us that can understand this difference, I believe, the better we (humanity as a whole) will be.

We need to remember how to listen to our own Divine inner voice so that together we can create a better life experience.

(Side note: This is one of the beautiful things about Living Life: Whenever you are being of service, teaching or sharing inspired information with another…they are also serving and teaching you.  This is Truth: We are all students and I am deeply grateful for yesterday’s realization.  It brought me to a deeper understanding of humanity.  I am inspired and that is the fuel behind this post.)

Okay, now…back to the subject.

“Mind chatter” vs one’s “inner voice”: Two totally different things.

  • Mind chatter is the stream of thinking that rarely takes a break. It is that constant flow of thinking that goes round and round non-stop until one falls asleep or worst case passes out.
  • Mind chatter is the cause of most suffering.  One of the craziest things about it is that when we are lost in it…we don’t even realize it!!  It is totally exhausting and sucks all the fun out of life.  This is because it is a horrible use of the mind and our precious energy.
  • It isn’t until life hits us with the manifestation of all those useless compulsive thoughts, that we actually wake-up and stop to ask ourselves “(((why))) is this horrible thing happening to me or (((why))) do I feel like shit”.
  • News Flash: Life doesn’t happen to us. It is happening for us!  It manifests for us. This life we are living is an interactive deal.  Life is presenting us with what we ask for on a continual basis and the way we are asking is through your thoughts.

Bottom line: Mind chatter (unless it’s super positive) most always leads to sick and tired!

  • One’s inner voice sounds and feels like deep wisdom. It is patient and supportive.  It is the steady, stable part within that feels like deep peace and profound love.  It’s advice, if followed, has the potential to fix and heal everything.  Honestly, I am trying my best to find words to describe it but you actually have to sit in silence to really understand and know what I’m talking about.  This is because it speaks to us within the silence within us.  I know this may sound weird, especially to those of you lost in mind chatter but I swear it’s the truth.
  • The best things we will ever do for ourselves and those we love is to practice sitting in silence before we start our day. The purpose is to quiet the mind so that we can “sense” the guidance that is constantly flowing through us.  It is also so that we may use the mind consciously. Why? Because we create what we think and unchecked useless mind chatter usually creates nothing but havoc and dysfunctional behavior.
  • We’ve got to learn to be quiet and listen in silence because our inner voice speaks to us quietly through our senses. It is something we can only sense from within the body. We can’t possibly hear/feel it, let along hear/feel it clearly, until we quiet mind because mind chatter is very loud, distracting and annoying.
  • The quieter we can get our mind and the better we get at listening in silence…the clearer we sense/feel it. What we end up “hearing” comes from the inside with words we put to it giving us the sensation that we are hearing something.

Here is how to hear it: Every morning before you begin your day, sit quietly (one minute is all it takes) and just listen. That’s it!  How simple is that?!

The simple act of sitting silently…just listening…to the thoughts flowing through the mind (mind chatter) is enough to start to slow it down. You don’t need to try to stop thinking…you just need to be silent and listen. Just listen.  Listening means only listening.  It does not mean judge or analyze every thought that flow through the mind.  Just listen.  Listening means to simply noticing what your thoughts are about and if they are positive or negative.  Don’t judge, just notice.  Allow them to flow in, notice them, and listen to them flow out.

After a very short time of consistent (one minute a day) practice you will notice that the mind chatter begins to slow down and before we know it – it stops completely.  ((Hallelujah)) What we are left with is a Sacred Silent Mind.  When we get to this point, we can ask anything we want to know about within the silence of the mind…and, as if by miracle, receive the most profound answers.  This is your inner voice and it’s beyond fabulous.

Listening to the inner voice is so much better than mind chatter could ever be.  So be quiet.  When you’re in the midst of the silence within ask a question…then listen for the answer.  It really is that simple to hear it. Enjoy.

Let me know when you start to hear it and how your life has forever after changed for the better.

With Peace and Love from my heart to yours,


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