STFU and Sit in Silence

This goes out to anyone who is currently suffering or unhappy about the state of life and/or the world.

STFU and Sit in Silence✌

🏼️Why? Because it is the only thing that will help you wake-up and realize that you have become lost in your own fucked up thoughts….in your very own mind.  It also makes it really easy to identify others living in this manner…so that we may start to understand each other.
When you sit in silence and begin to listen to your non-stop useless compulsive thoughts you automatically begin to detach from them. This is because you begin to become aware that you are not your thoughts. You are not your mind…and you are not your body. You ARE the Silent Sacred POWER within it….currently occupying the body.
More importantly – Sitting in silence helps you NOT be a dick or a total bitch while doing so. This lower level bullshit behavior is not cute and it has gotten very old!  It is an old way of being and it needs to be put to rest once and for all!   May it RIP!

Please pay attention. Be still. Be silent. Quiet the Mind.

Do it for yourself.  Do it for those you love…and once you really get in there and expand your awareness…you will be doing it for us (humanity as a whole).

We are One. May we wake-up and remember this Truth.

Anybody out there feel me? (Crossing my fingers) LOL ✌🏼️


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