Conscious Sense

Do you ever stop and wonder what your way of being is contributing to? Do you realize that your way of being is your contribution to Life as we know it?

Pay attention.  This is important: We must wake-up and become conscious.  We have been unconscious (for far too long) of the fact that Life as we see, feel, and therefore know it, on the outside…is a collective reflection of what we (collectively) are projecting from the inside.

We need to become conscious of our creative power and the manner in which we are projecting it out into the world…for goodness sake!

*The way that we project our internal creative power out into the world is through…our way of being…through your thoughts, words, and actions.  There are no idle thoughts, words, or actions.  They all carry our creative power!  Wake-up, Wake-up, Wake-up!

Please…Just Observe your thoughts, words, and actions. Do this as often as you remember to do so.  Are they contributing to Peace and Love?  Or are they contributing to Fear and Hate?  If you realize that they are contributing to Fear and Hate.  Stop and Be Quite.

Be Still.  Be Silent.  This is not what you came here to contribute to!

This should not be a difficult concept to understand if we quiet the mind down.  We need to stop believing in everything we see and hear on the outside.  We need to stop believing all our own mind’s justifications created to excuse the lower level use of our thoughts, words, and actions.

Please…take a moment to listen in on your thoughts right now.  Do they make you feel Peaceful?  Please…listen and observe others around you.  Does listening to them make you feel Peace inside?  If so you are witnessing the projection of Peace.  If not, you are witnessing the projection of Fear. Do not feed into it…or let it feed your Fears.

This should be common sense…but for whatever reason we (humanity) have lost it.

It is very clear to me that we are moving into an elevated level of living:  Conscious Living by way of “conscious sense being” and honestly…that is a damn good thing!  LOL (This will get clearer as we go…)

This is an excellent time to be Living Life.  Don’t believe anyone telling you otherwise!


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