Seek Truth

The only thing that will lead us out of the darkness of this day and age is Truth.  The spiritual evolution of humanity depends upon our ability to move beyond our limiting beliefs.  To do so we must seek Truth.

We must stop listening to others…and start listening to the power within. Begin by becoming aware of the thoughts you allow to dwell within your mind for if you think something over and over again…you’ll end up believing it…and just because you believe something doesn’t make it Truth.

If we (humanity as a whole) want to experience a more peaceful future we have got to developed the ability to see beyond the physical dimension. Too many of us are caught up in the details of what has already been manifested. When we develop the ability to see beyond the physical we are clearly able to see and more importantly feel that our (collective) power lies in what is yet to be manifested!

Truth is what we see before our eyes is OLD NEWS. It is the result of what our (collective) previous thoughts, words, and actions have created so that we may therefore experience the physical equivalent. When we get caught up in the details of the creation we very easily get lost in it…completely forgetting that WE have the power within us to create something better!! That is what is real. That is what is TRUTH.

Quiet the Mind people.  Pay attention.  This is important.

Message received at 3:33 AM: “All the answers are within.  Keep asking.  Keep Listening.”

Irrelevant to most but for me and those that understand Divine Time….Boom.

Be Still, Ask…and most importantly Listen.


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