The Most Profound way to Live

“To Be 100% Present with a Quiet Open Mind is the most Profound way to Live.” Those are the words that woke me a few days ago.

While sitting in the sacred silent space within…I ask: why is this the most profound way to live?

I listen…then I know: There is a deep sense of Peace (calm and well-being) that can only be felt when we are fully present. Some of us feel it when we are out in nature or when visiting a certain “peaceful” place. We associate the feeling with the place but it is not the place. It is simply that we were fully present while there therefore feeling the presence of the Divine within.

When we are present with a quiet open mind we not only feel the presence of the power we are a part of – This is how we embody it and bring it!  This is because when we are present we settle into our own Divinity therefore feel the essence of our being which is the eternal Presence of pure Love and deep Peace.

Maintaining a quiet open mind allows the Divine Presence within the freedom to express itself and enjoy the process of living through the human form. To live in this manner is how we release the human condition or how we get out of our own way and allow the Divine within to lead.

I have found that living in this manner has made it much easier to remain centered because I can clearly hear, feel and follow the Divine Guidance that is ever present within me.  I can feel the potential of what living in this manner contains and I’m pretty sure that as more and more of us become 100% Present with a Quiet Open Mind we shall become the witnesses of many many Miracles because my guidance tells me that Miracles are simply the manifested expression of pure Love and deep Peace.

I’m excited and I’m all in.

You in?

If so, Let me know how it goes.


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