We must pray for the terrorist

We must pray for the terrorist.

It is not them and us.  We are one and we must not forget this Truth.  We must not allow their deeply unconscious acts to make us forget this truth as they have.  We must remember that “those people” carrying out terrible acts of hate and terror are our brothers and sisters at the Divine energetic level.

We must sit in silence and not only hold the people hurt by them in peace and love so that they may heal but we must also welcome the terrorist into this space.  We must silence our negative thinking and hold them in our thoughts and prayers so that they may feel peace and love at the same levels that we wish upon those we care about most in this life.

Prayer works people and collective prayer works big miracles.  That is what is needed.  A miracle to heal the depth of hurt and pain these individuals must feel to carry out such horrible acts.  Truth: People who feel deep peace and feel deeply loved do not commit acts of hate and terror.  These people simply don’t feel it.  They have become lost in the illusion of darkness and we must shine some light upon them.

So that’s it. That’s the guidance I received this morning and I feel it deep.

We must take the time – to be still and ask within the deeply silent space within – that these people be surrounded by Divine Light to help them wake up and release the wrong that have been done onto them because this hate did not come out of nowhere.  It’s deep and it is rooted.  We must be still and ask that they may hear and feel our prayers for only Divine Light/Love can conquer hate.  May we shine it upon them.

When we light a candle for the victims, may those of us that are evolved enough to do so, light a candle for the terrorists too…

Calling all angels…it’s time to light this place up.


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