This goes out to those that are awake

If you are truly awake you will understand the following:
I’m sure you are deeply grateful that you are awake (which just means you are consciously aware of your power) because I know I AM.  I am also aware of how difficult it can be from time to time because we are surrounded by so many that are still so deeply unconscious.  We feel like: What’s the point?  No one really cares nor understands what the heck is going on.  “Normal” conversations are beyond boring and there are days that it simply feels too difficult to play along.  Anyone out there feel me?

This is one of the main reasons that I love the world wide web and social media so much because these are place where we can connect and know that there are others that are remembering or know the things that we do.

This leads me to the reason for  this message and my website which…will seem like blah blah blah to the unconscious.  So be it.

So, the other day one of the awesome beings that posts insight and inspired thought – recently posted a little rant about haters and their negative hurtful comments.  I asked about this and I received this bit of wisdom along with a little mantra:  “I” is your real name dear ones.  When you say “I am” followed by calling yourself by name or by title mother, father, teacher etc…you are simply stating the role you are currently playing while living this human life aka your lifetime.  Those that speak and behave in a negative manner have simply become completely identified with…therefore lost in the illusion of their current “I am role”.  Be thankful for these seemingly negative encounters because these comments or behaviors caused you to feel hurt or offended therefore meaning that you have some negative energy dwelling within the shadows of “your own” mind.  This is Truth or you would not be disturbed. Continue your work dear ones and repeat this statement often until it becomes a part of your structure: “I will not allow negative opinions or comments to dwell within the sacred space of my mind. They simply flow in one ear and out the other”.  Let it go.

Hope this helps darlings.  Stand Strong and Keep shining the Light.  It is needed now more than ever and please take a moment to contemplate how awesome is it that you have accepted the challenge to do so.

Namaste – Much Love,


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