Divine Reminders

Messages that pop into the mind from out of nowhere. They remind us of who we are, why we’re here, and how we can make our living experience infinitely more enjoyable.  To give you and example of what I’m talking about click: amgslife.tumblr.com .  These messages are basically energetic drops of Divine Wisdom:

  • These drops are continually flowing into all of us, all the time via our Life Force.
  • The information is always loving and helpful.
  • It comes in as a matter of fact and the information does not linger.
  • If we don’t pay attention…we miss it altogether.

The basics of how it works per The Collective: When the mind is clear of *static, you discover that there is this sacred level of your being that you have access to through silence.  The more you dwell in this sacred silence (free of static) the more your human mind aligns with the Divine Mind.  The more you align your mind with the Divine Mind, the more clearly you hear the Divine Truth about Life itself.

Truth:  Divine Guidance is and has always been present and flowing through our being.  Most simply don’t notice because most don’t ever get quiet enough to listen (feel/hear/sense it) .  Only when we are silent and listen do we realize that it flows in constantly, loud and clear, about anything and everything.  The more we listen the more the drops become a steady flow.

Practice listening.  We (humanity) have gotten way too caught up and lost in the static/noise of the outside world aka The Illusion of It All. I hope this information serves you.


*Static: (what I call useless compulsive thinking) any vibe that may be lingering (in the current energetic field within or around the mind and body) that does not serve or support the greater good of life Now.