The Story

AMGs: My name is Ann-Marie (amg) and it all began with a journal that I started, shortly after receiving a scary medical diagnosis followed by literally having an out-of-body experience.

I started writing because I needed to have specific experiences written down for my children….just in case my time on this planet suddenly came to an end.

It was through the process of writing for my children, that I accessed the sacred from within myself. This access profoundly changed my Life, which I must say ironically makes me deeply grateful for that dreaded diagnosis so many years ago.

This connection lead to writing “Divine for Life” (see book tab) and my “real” work; contributing to the Spiritual Evolution of Humanity.

That may sound crazy to some, but the truth is, I’ve always known this is what I came here to do.  What may also sound crazy is…up to the age of about 6, many spirit guides and angels would sit around my bed and watch over me as I slept.  I never felt scared.  I felt safe, knowing I was deeply loved and protected.

I also have this Divinely Patient (Main) Spirit Guide (Zachariah) that has always been by my side…even when I was most determined not to pay attention/listen to him.  I stopped listening because when I asked (at about 6) who they were, I was told, there was no one there and that it was all my imagination. I was both shocked and devastated. It became very clear to me in that moment that no one could see or sense the things that I did.  I remember thinking, “what is wrong with these people?”  Followed by, “I must have been dropped in the wrong place?!”  Followed by,  “wow, that is an interesting thought for a kid to have.”  That was when it began…my attempt to NOT pay attention to anything I saw or felt that was not within the physical realm.  That was the night, I experienced the first of the many years of experiencing migraines headaches.

When I was in my teens, my spirit guide (who always appeared to me from that night on, in the space between sleep and fully awake) would state “when you are ready, we can begin”.   At that time in my life this message would seriously piss me off!  I would respond (telepathically) “begin what?!”  Then quickly move on to “thinking” I was seriously losing it!  These thoughts, that I was possibly crazy or losing it, are the main reason it took me so long to finally get to my work. I was simply scared, mainly of being considered crazy…especially because everyone around me seemed to be oblivious…and I didn’t want to get thrown in the loony-bin.

Writing Divine for Life was extremely difficult because I never intended to be a writer yet after a series of dreams, of meeting with others in the clouds, I was woken up at exactly 3AM every morning with a steady stream of concepts flowing into my mind. I felt like I had been thrown in the deep end of Life with no clue of how to swim in it.

Now fast forward many years: Believe me when I say…I still have days that I question my sanity!  Then, some “crazy” random event or message comes at me from this unseen Divine energetic realm that solidly confirms for me that I am not crazy.  In fact, I AM right in the center of sane.  I am here to say that the Divine realm is real and…I am here to help people connect to it.

With all of that said: Here’s my disclaimer: I am not claiming to know all the answers, but I do know that I have the ability (which we all do ) to ask, listen and receive guidance from Life Source aka The Divine aka The Universe aka God.

It’s just like taking dictation for me. I AM now, happy to state:  I absolutely love listening, writing and the most recently by Divine Grace…I AM able to draw the visions that come before me…for Life!  (See Blog Post “Becoming and Artist for the Divine” for the detail on how that happened)

I am not a Preacher, Saint or an Angel….I am simply a (feisty) girl who remembers.  I hope that what is shared here serves you in remembering everything you already know.