This site is about Life and the Divine Foundation of it.

Mission: Create Heaven on Earth as originally intended by The Source of Our Life Force. “As Above so Below”. If you’ve made it to this page chances are…you’ve heard that saying before…🦋

My name is Ann-Marie and I help people re-connect / remember their Divinity. The Divine takes it from there. This is always for the greatest good, health and well-being of All…💫

I work with The Divine Collective which is made up of many different Christ Conscious aspects / beings, including Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Light Beings and much more than our human mind can comprehend. I do this work at the request and continued direction of Yeshua, the one known as Jesus the Christ and my main Guide Zachariah.

Why? In a nut shell: One night Yeshua came into my room in the middle of the night as a bright light. He stood bedside my bed wearing clothes of light that illuminated his form. Without words he said ” Be the Bridge”. I agreed, not knowing what that meant exactly. Thankfully, I AM guided through every step of this work. It is above and beyond anything I could have imagined. It’s simply Mind Blowing. No other way to put it.

Note: Due to Fire Season (Granny Duty) and La Corona, Sessions are on hold until further notice.

For Now: Session clips are available on The Divine Foundation YouTube channel Please like, subscribe, and share videos. That is…of course, if they have been of service to you.

For the latest expansion to this work: Channeling The Christ Conscious Collective.

See amgsBlog for the latest whatever The Divine Collective (TDC) would like to relay via my life. Things are changing and information is coming in so quickly, I may need to start blogging about it on the daily…to keep my own sanity…we’ll see.

Link to my Book: “Divine for Life” available on Amazon read intro on-line. 

We (Gonzalez Family) also co-create Divinely inspired tools that assist in the awakening and activation of the Divinity within thine own human DNA.  Etsy Store: Down for Earth

How did we get here? TDC states that this Life we are living…is a really long and beautiful love story that we are all a sacred part of. They state that it’s still unfolding…in perfect Divine order with-in and for Love.

AMG  & TDC “From Z to A and back again”.