Home is where the Heart is…♥️

The Human Heart is Home.

As crazy as this may sound ( because of the fact that I am an old woman now ) I AM…finally home.

It’s like I’ve been lost somewhere. Maybe everywhere…who really knows…right?! Reminds me of a clue I was given…TREE PICTURE!

Well…Turns out, I’ve been home the whole time 😂 ( Dorthy wizard of oz Moment ) AND the kicker is there’s more.

As we know: Life is ever growing and expanding and we are collectively chugging along…this marathon ( not a race ) passing the baton as we hit our individual walls. Time to pass the Baton and rest. Relax and Float as the wall turns into the next closet door 🚪 to be cleaned and cleared out.

If you don’t follow. Look away and go about. Meet you around the next bend…unless of course, one of us breaks before then. Anything is possible at this point. Therefore it would behoove you to choose peace at this time.

If you follow – we are bringing in YaYa – I do believe her to be Ana GrandMother of Yeshua…yes (ear pressure just adjusted to perfect sound quality…sound is crisp AF) we will be moving along a bit faster now as there is no time to waste. This is high level therefore decrement is required when selecting the harvested individuals. No Time like the Present to unwrap the Gift. All for now…✨

Side note: I am having a hard time staying awake ( I mean literally ) I haven’t napped or slept this much since I was a teen…16 or so…♥️ Ha! That’s the year my dad died.

NOTE: The Healers are Healing ❤️‍🩹 We are doing this together. Take your time. Listen to the heart. The heart of the matter.

Here we go:

“When a moment of deep grief cannot be felt for whatever reason..it is bubbled / frozen in the time body. This is an aspect of Karma. To be dealt with at a later time. This density is held in the physical structure / the body cells in order – not to die ( leave the body ) of a broken heart.

Death of thy Father will do that to a daddy’s girl. What’s crazy is I didn’t realize I never cried. I was so pissed i never took the time to grieve. Interesting…I can feel my heart expanding as I type this flow out of my being…💃🏻 The healers are healing ❤️‍🩹 Indeed…no doubt about that.

Anyhoo…Many many worn out patters are being torn apart…🕯 May the CHRIST within ALL awaken sooner than later.


Christ I AM…Awaken


Christ I AM…Awaken

Play it on repeat.

Peace to Humanity…🙏🏼


One response to “Home is where the Heart is…♥️”

  1. msvivianofdallasdomination Avatar

    Not-coincidence brought me here. I read, fully assuming this would be a blog post with a dusty date of 2006 or 2009 or somesuch.

    I ask to connect. This post date is only 2 days ago??

    Liked by 1 person

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